Local Cantina Crawl 

Ever Wondered what the neighborhoods look like? 

Experience the local culture into Cantinas (yes, drinking is involved)

  • Transportation is provided 

  • Chaperoned by fun local guide 

  • Beer and Mixed drinks included (first 3)

  • A Variety of appetizers (food) or Botanas 

  • Local live music (only Mexican) or other fun and entertaining 

This tour is a "crawl" with taxi transportation (included in the tour) to several local neighborhood bars or Cantinas into the Heart of Cozumel.  Totally safe and crawl to other nearby Cantinas (2 or 3) where they play some Mexican music, serve fresh juice drinks and beer - Sol or Cornona products depending on location   Welcomed by all the locals 

The food Cantinas serve only is Tapas, appetizers or in the Cantinas its "Botanas".  Consider it local food samples.  In the end, it a fulfilling experience of local culture, food and drink.  Chaperoned in safe neighborhood establishments.  Supporting the small local business "Beyond the Melgar"   

Tour is 3-4 hours and Pick up location is flexible around Cozumel

min. of 4- 12 persons and times can be vary depending on tour 

2-3 different local Safe Cantinas  

Chaperoned by Taxi and Flip 

$55.00 Per Person USD

To Request A Reservation, please fill out the form below and then "Submit Reservation",  you will receive a confirmation from Cindy with details about the tour and its availability. 

$55.00 Total Tour Price PP 

$25.00 Deposit PP Payable To Reserve

$30.00 CASH ONLY Balance Due PP At Time Of Tour

$55.00 Total Tour Price PP $25.00 Deposit PP Payable To Reserve $30.00 CASH ONLY Balance Due PP At Time Of Tour Transportation and first round at cantina. Free botanas...
Cantina Crawl Go Local!
3 hr 30 min

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