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Tour Times:

11:00 AM or 2:30 PM



APPROX 3 hrs

Total Price:

$65 USD Per Person


Booking Deposit:

$25 USD Per Person

($40 CASH ONLY > Balance Due PP At Time Of Tour)


Into the ❤️ of Cozumel. This is a unique way to get back to the community.


The intention of this tour is to expose you to the many places where the locals live, how they live, And it’s outside of the neighborhoods that you may have driven through, but instead, in a little area, 5000 people called the fincas, the ranchos or villas. 

This particular pocket of homes and people despite an entirely different living condition. The outreach is for delivery of rotisserie chickens in a dinner form each dinner is for four, this is just a suggestion for this experience.


Arrangements are made in advance from flip tours Cozumel where we will pick up the rotisserie dinners at a local store on our way to the FINCAS  this amount of dinners is just a suggestion. 


Each dinner is approximately $6 there is no profit in this tour.  Order as many as you’d like to spend in your budget. 

The heartfelt opportunity is to give back to the local people their families and where they live.


The community experience will include as many chicken dinners as you’d like to give at the local rotisserie store arrangements made it earlier and payment directly to the store where you will see them assembled. 

FlipTours is merely a catalyst to accommodate all of this. The next stop is at a local Fiesta store or candy store where you can buy piñata type candy marshmallows that are their favorite and collected with the chicken dinners distributed amongst the people and their families in this remote area of Cozumel.

You can spend as much as you’d like for each one of the chicken dinners at six dollars each directly to the store and pay for what’s recommended of $30-$40 in piñata candy to hand out to families in the remote area.

What is not included is transportation. If you do not have your own transportation arrangements can be made at an additional cost for either a taxi or renting a car or jeep. Message flip for all the details. The minimum

amount of people 4 and the maximum amount of people 12 may do this tour.


Flip Tours Cozumel accommodates this opportunity to extend it out to the community of Cozumel. There is no profit in the experience just an opportunity to give back

This tour is approximately 3 hours long.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your departure time. Please contact us if you need help with anything at:   +52 987 105 4708  or


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