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Tour Times:

10:00AM, & 1:00PM
* FLEXIBLE TIMES AVAILABLE* Wednesday preferred



APPROX 4 - 5 hrs


Total Price:

$85 USD Per Person


Booking Deposit:

$17 USD Per Person

($68 CASH ONLY > Balance Due PP At Time Of Tour)


Get your confirmation and Snorkel over Columbia Reef and swim down to the plentiful starfish in the crystal waters of Cielo. You will enjoy drinks, from the open bar & beer served to you in the shallow water of Cielo. Allow the stingrays in the area to swim openly where you stand. Tour times can vary from 4-5 hours and can work perfectly for a cruise ship day or your week's stay in Cozumel. Departure Times are flexible All Equipment is Furnished, Boats hold up to 18 persons.

About this activity

  • Snorkel over Columbia Shallow Reef - sea turtles, reef fish, nurse sharks

  • Shallow Swim down to the StarFish in Cielo (no touching) 100's of them

  • Boat anchors in the Open Crystal Clear water of Cielo for lunch and drinks, full open bar/beer

  • Just bring a towel, everything included

  • Meeting time and meet up upon confirmation
    (Cruise Ship times available)

Tours are from various meeting locations around Cozumel, you will be notified of where to meet after booking.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your departure time.


Please contact us if you need help with anything at: 
+52 987 105 4708



Cozumel El Cielo Snorkeling, Reef, Starfish and Fun Party Boat Tours

Cozumel El Cielo Snorkeling, Reef, Starfish and Fun Party Boat Tours

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