Cozumel VIP Men's Golfing & Fishing Packages

Tour Times:

10:00 AM



3 Days, 5 Days, or 7 Days

Total Prices for Packages:

3 Days $450 USD Per Person

 $395 CASH ONLY Balance Due PP at the Begining

5 Days $750 USD Per Person

 $695 CASH ONLY Balance Due PP at the Begining

7 Days $1000 USD Per Person 

 $945 CASH ONLY Balance Due PP at the Begining


Booking Deposit:

$55 USD Per Person

(CASH ONLY > Balance Due PP At Time Of Tour)

This VIP tours include golfing and a private deep sea fishing charter in Cozumel for a 3, 5, or 7 days. First is the Cozumel Country Club for the first-class golfing experience and then be whisked off to catch the big ones on a private fishing charter with expert guides.  Days start at 10:00

About this activity

  • Green Fees & Golf Cart

  • Fishing Boat & Equipment

  • Coffee And Cocktails (limited)

  • Lunch

  • 9 Holes Of Golf

  • Transportation To Golf Course & To Marina

  • On The 3, 5 And 7 Day Packages, Hotel Not Included

  • Optional Personal Concierge Services For Additional Fee


per person

To Request A Reservation, please fill out the form below and then "Submit Reservation",  you will receive a confirmation from Cindy with details about the tour and its availability.   Thank You!

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